Sunday, 6 September 2015

Eidfjord and lots of fine dining !

We docked this morning at Eidfjord, which is our furthest north port. It is quite amazing really, the village of Eidfjord is at the very end of the fjord and the width of the harbour is barely wider than our ship. It was a slow and beautiful glide up the fjord as the snow capped mountains seemed to get closer and closer to the sides of the ship. When we eventually docked the ropes were tied onto the land in someone's garden ! See first picture below !!!!

We are sat alongside widthways and we are 'longer' than the village geographically speaking.

The views are wonderful and we three walked off the boat almost into the foyer of the only hotel, ( where I simply had to have my daily good coffee !). The village is pretty and full of picturesque but completely real Scandinavian wooden houses with lovely rose gardens and neat lawns, with sheer mountains soaring up from their back garden !

We looked at the inevitable souvenir shop, and there was just the one, bought a last minute Norwegian present, then boarded back on the ship just in time for our booked lunch in The Pinnacle Restaurant. The food was amazing, and I ate the shrimp and crab cakes which the chef had shown us how to make in the Culinary Arts show at the beginning of the week. Needless to say they were magnificent.

This is our last port, and we have only one more day at sea before disembarking at Harwich early Saturday morning. This will be a proverbial electric shock to our systems as we have largely lazed in bed with a cabin service breakfast until around 10am. So driving home, school, and for me teaching, is going to come as rather a surprise !

The internet is down at the moment so mine and the children's last few emails and photographs home will have to wait - I suspect it is the immensely close proximity of the high and peaked mountains which is stopping the signal, but it simply shows as 'System down try later'.........which we will !

It is a Gala tonight, formal dress and fine dining, as if we haven't had enough 'dining', and I had to do a little persuasion on the healthy eating front a couple of hours ago - 'no fruit salad, no Gala' - fierce Seanmhair had the last say !

It worked !



How close are we to those mountains !


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