Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bugs !

Well it's been an interesting 24 hours ! Yesterday morning before breakfast poor old Wilson was a bit sick and feeling nauseous. We left it an hour or so but he kept vomiting just enough to feel wobbly so off we tracked to the Medical Centre ! The doctor was lovely and did all the checks needed, he was only diagnosed with a mild gastric bug but U.S. Health Authority protocol meant that we were all three of us out into our cabin in isolation for 24 hours ! We were armed with anti nausea pills, a bottle of Gatorade ( which we had never heard of !) tissues, blue plastic sick bags and hand sanitizer by the gallon, and other sundrie items for dealing with sick and germs !

I have to say the ship suddenly came to action with cleaning, and three stewards wearing masks came into the cabin, changed all bedsheets, cleaned every surface within an inch of its life, door handles, bathroom etc were sluiced down as if we had the plague ! I was mightily impressed, as by this time Wilson was playing on his iPad and watching Karate Kid 2, feeling under par but definitely with no other symptoms of the dreaded norovirus, and the doctor said so! I am now awaiting the invoice for the treatment ! agh !!!

We rather enjoyed our day, Cecilia was very grown up and concerned, and sanitizer herself thoroughly all day, and we simply relaxed whilst Wilson slept for about 3 hours. Then, after he awoke we ordered a cabin service lunch for us girls, and plain crackers and more Gatorade ( which we now knew was akin to American Lucozade!) and he began to eat a little more.

We played card games, Uno, watched another couple of movies until ordering dinner, by which time Wilson was ready for a chicken breast, some broccoli and a bowl of lemon jelly (Jello) !

A good nights sleep later and he is back to normal, whatever that may be for a 9 year old boy, and we are off into the town of Alesund today.

It was a very good introduction into how well organised, and how careful and particular they are at the first sign of anything remotely catching. I have to say this was clearly not catching as neither Cecilia or I have succumbed to it, or feel in anyway under par !

Interesting part of the cruise, and well done Holland America !

A view of last night's sunset but sadly only from a rather dirty cabin window, as prisoners we still were !



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