Monday, 25 January 2016

The next vocal adventure !

What a good start to the week ! All my pupils arrived and had done lots of work ! I leave for Hong Kong in about 12 days, so folk are beginning to realise that they only have me for one more week, and then I am away for some considerable time.

I leave on Feb 6th to travel South then I actually fly early in the week. This time I am flying Swiss International Air rather than Cathay Pacific, so it involves a short stop over in Zurich before finally flying from Zurich to Hong Kong. This visit is very special in that I am going as a Guest Teacher at a vocal academy in Hong Kong, and I am much looking forward to it !

Today I was contemplating how I might communicate what I want a very young singer to do if their English is not very advanced - my Cantonese however is non existent so my admiration for these small people who sing in very accomplished English is great. I made a decision that's based upon sight as well as sound, so next week I am hoping to video on my iPad some five or six performances by my youngsters. Using standard repertoire set for examinations through the grades, and using my shining stars aged 11 - 18, I hope that I may be able to let a Chinese child actually see what their mouth needs to be doing !

J will sing a very detailed performance of The Path to the Moon, the grade 3 gem by Eric Thiman, others will follow according to how well they sing this week, but a grade 4 song and a 5 song will definitely happen. After that a pair of 6's will compete for the film rights ! How exciting..........

I hope the experience of filming will be a fruitful and positive one for my pupils and for any Hong Kong pupil who needs the extra imput of image.

The academy where I am working in Tsuen Wan
One of the recital rooms in the academy.

Exciting times !


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