Monday, 22 February 2016

A gallery.......

Ladies at work on sewing machines all through the Hawkers Street Market in Tsuen Wan. They all had sewing machines and were whizzing away at - I don't know what ! See prices of towels - 11 HK$ is £1.

So pretty darned cheap !

Sitting writing my blog in Dorsett Cafe

Coffee and blog done !

My daily transport to work and today to Tsuen Wan MTR station to catch the train to shop in the market.

The MTR journey from Tsuen Wan to shop in the Ladies Market in Mong Kok see the red lights ! Tsuen Wan is the end ( or beginning ) of the red Central line, Mong Kok is two stops after the turn down.

You cannot even see the end of the long and bendy MTR carriage !

Take a number to get your Macdonalds meal - I needed something I recognised !


Note the strange sign for Gens hair cutting on Nathan Road - Hmmmmmm.....?


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