Monday, 22 February 2016

Lehar, Brahms, Mozart, Purcell and I am done !

My last day flew by very fast - the delightful lady singing Sonntag earlier in the week came for her second lesson and had taken on board very well the idea that one must not 'chew' the words and so change the tone quality. She sang some Sieber exercises as well, concentrating on the mouth shapes and it was heart warming to see that she had tried so very hard to achieve a good and long Nor shape so words like 'Wollte' and 'vor' were sounding so much more pure. Well done E, now hang on to that thought !

I had a lady for the first time, J, who was very nervous and worried but had a very sweet and delicate voice, and a lovely still mouth - we tackled Deh Vieni from Figaro, and she absolutely concentrated as if her life depended upon it for the whole time, and suddenly the Italian began to appear, and a strong legato with it - this is the wonderful by product of very good and full vowels ! We were not able in the hour to talk about the character of Susannah, but perhaps that will come later !

The masterclass in the evening was a tour de force of energy from all of us - we were facing a mirror on the wall so that was a bit of a shocker - well for me anyhow, I look like King Kong alongside some of these very petite Chinese girls and ladies !

We had a growing performance of Mozart's Parto Parto from Tito, and I worked very hard with E to make this 14 year old girl be a petulant and powerful young man ! The notes and ability to sing the coloratura runs is quite astonishing in one so young, now she must add in character and dramatic drive. A voice to watch I think.

Her friend A sang a most beautiful Brahms, Sapphic Ode, a totally suitable piece for her age and which she gave us, once relaxed, a truly gorgeous and heartfelt legato. The German was pretty darn good too !

The ladies sang a variety of songs from Vilia to Purcell and more Brahms, and the crowning moment of the evening was getting everyone in the hall, including teachers and pianists to make a large circle and do the inevitable figure of 8 ! I told them it was Scottish dancing ( sorry Morag!) and it took a full 15 minutes for them to understand and really swing round and enjoy it! Nobody had ever seen or done it before and the faces were so full initially of bewilderment, moving to slightly baffled through to laughter and a sense of letting go ! I suggest they will remember that for ever !

It was a beautiful day to walk to the studios for the last time, so I have posted a few more pictures, and then one of everyone after the masterclass.

All passion spent.

Meet tree number 4188 and below it the 'triffid' roots ! Does it move in the dark ?


A pretty HK pigeon

A Green Tea cream biscuit........had to try it !


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