Friday, 5 February 2016

Filming for example and pleasure

I am off tomorrow after an excellent week of teaching ! I now have all my videos which I hope will be useful, and even if I do not use them at all it was a great thing to do, and many of the youngsters almost 'enjoyed' hearing just how good they are ! One or two were very surprised at the quality of the performances.

One or two were work in progress, and one or two I wanted to limit to exercises - especially from A who is working so hard to bridge a rather inconvenient break around a D and C sharp - the join between the head voice and middle register. The one minute film showed how quickly this can be cleaned up, and also how it is quite habitual, in other words, many have it and find it tricky to produce a solid tone on the weak join notes, and that in itself becomes something of an inability to heal the break. Young A can smooth the break out beautifully when the jaw is fully relaxed and the shape is 'loooong! The problem is remembering to do it, and for the muscles to remember to relax as a second nature manoeuvre ! I am certain she will get there - keep this up A, it will be worth all the hard work !

A delightful Path to the Moon from J would please any teacher anywhere in the world, totally accurate and bursting with growing warmth and ringing tone. She is beginning to sing like a grown up ! S sang a beautiful Panis Angelicus, complete with the most wonderfully open vowel shapes - she really has the most natural mouth movement ! A strange compliment but you know what I mean !

L sang some exercises also - I have posted before about her naturally alto chest sound - it is completely natural and not at all pushed. Recently the illusive top of her voice has begun to raise its musical head above the parapet and she is learning to find another place from which she can produce notes in her, as yet, small and fragile head voice. The film shows exactly what happens, and she showed us how to connect this new voice with the old voice !

S sang Caro Mio Ben, one of her Grade songs from last November, and in that short time her voice seems to have doubled in size and resonance ! I was nearly blown off the piano stool as she crescendoed up to the .....cessa crudel....... One would have thought she was 25 and not 15 !

So a great week, I was missing M who was ill and could not make a sound. Both she and I were disappointed that she was not able to show her ability to the world ! Next time M !

Boy I apologise if I have missed anyone out........I will check and correct that if I have !

Ah well, travel day tomorrow, so the next time I post I will 700 miles nearer to Hong Kong.....however that does leave around another 5000 to go !

Most of my vocal film stars appear here !


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