Saturday, 20 February 2016

Von Ewige Liebe - German pronunciation and tiny singers !

I had some interesting students yesterday including a very cute and lively pair of tiny girls J and Y. J is 6 and Y is 7 ( and a half she proudly told me!) and their lesson was 90 minutes long - I was exhausted by the end ! They were singing a tiny song in English, which in itself is astonishing and gave me a little insight into how the tiny folk work as hard as the bigger children and teens. Obviously being so young their concentration does waver a little, but we had a fun time talking about a 'good tongue' and a 'naughty tongue' which made them guffaw with laughter and keep repeating the words loudly and punctuated with big laughs ! We stood and sat and walked around and worked hard on a big B on 'birds' and lots of long jaw shapes when singing Twinkle Twinkle little Star ! I was more tired than they were however by 8.45pm when we finished !

Some serious coaching on German was the order of the day in my last hour, and I spent a very useful lesson unpicking every detail of pronouncing 'spricht', and words like it. To make it clear for a Chinese speaker I need to break it down very carefully into ' Sh/p/r/icht' four sounds which eventually will merge into one word. E worked so hard and we completed the wonderful and huge Brahms song 'Von Ewige Liebe' - well done indeed !

The young lady A came again today, if you remember she wanted to make her song 'like a play' and she had earnestly worked all week upon her song and what a pleasing difference. The mouth was working beautifully, all the vowels well formed, and the words were so clear. She is singing the song in the masterclass tomorrow so we will get to grips with the drama in true Song School style - I will handle her very gently since she is rather shy and reserved, but I know she can do it !



Tiny singers !


Tiny school shoes !


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