Saturday, 5 March 2016

Homeward Bound - reality, and a beautiful duet !

I am finally home - and oh it feels so good to be back in my own place, my log fire and my own bed. There is nothing like it. Here are some interesting statistics for your amusement - and my surprise !


Since February 6th


Miles covered - 13,664

Meals out - 47

Cups of coffee in transit/hotels - 38

Travel Food total - £246

Hours teaching all told - 81

Hours Master classing and choral work - 17

Hours on public transport/car - 67

Wifi network connections - 11



Makes me feel exhausted just to read down the list. I made notes as I went along just out of interest !

Some pictures of my teaching area in the Church at Boarbank Hall, and the beautiful small chapel which holds the consecrated bread. I am taking a short break from writing my blog, just to get my home life sorted. Normal service will resume in a few days.




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