Friday, 4 March 2016

Jubilation Deo by Praetorius, combined with lots of laughter !

I am almost finished my 'away matches' now. Only one day to go and that will be a slightly truncated and rather jumbled day. Today, Friday March 4th is Women's World Day of Prayer, so there is a service here at 2.15, which is the normal choir practise time, as well as a funeral which some of the sisters will attend combined with the fact one of the main singers is off to a meeting at HQ in France today and won't be here to help the altos, or to have a lesson. This rather shortens the day, which for some of the sisters is disappointing as they do love their singing ! Choir rehearsal will be this morning before lunch, taking up two lesson spaces, so a different feel to the day altogether.

We are singing a beautiful short round, rather like the Mozart Dona Nobis Pacem, but much faster and brighter, written by Michael Praetorius to the 'Jubilate Deo ! Alleluia' text. It has gone down very well, and the sisters very much enjoy the bright and breezy feel of this joyful statement. I got a small shock when Sr M told me on Tuesday that in Lent they are not allowed to sing 'Alleluia' - but briefly chatting with the Abbess, all was fine as it can be considered rehearsing for Easter - and infact the words of the piece will be wonderful for Easter morning ! Crisis averted, and happily sorted as I did not have anything else with me to give them !

(PS They have been singing a marvellously impossible new tongue twister, but I'm not giving that one away. Saving it for the purposes of Song School torture !)

I awoke this morning to a very bright room, and on lurching out of bed I passed the window and low and behold, 3inches of pure white snow laying all over the garden, house and cars ! A quick prayer flashed through my mind for the said white stuff to have gone by tomorrow so I can actually drive North ! The staff who came in this morning said the roads were cleared so driving was ok, but I think I will leave it til about 10am to set off so if there is a heavy morning icing on the roads it may have been salted and gritted by then !

Fingers well and truly crossed !


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