Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Norwegian Adventure

I think I slept through most of the first two days of our cruise.......quite lovely really ! I have to say that so far it has been incredibly relaxing with all the usual perks of cruising - astonishingly wonderful food, lazy days in an arm chair looking at the mountainous landscape and drinking good coffee both on and off board.

We docked in Eidfjord this morning and Kate and I had a stroll around the 'Heidi' style village enjoying a shop of very tasteful souvenirs and a hop into the Coop Marked if you can believe it. Whilst trying to find bottled water we bumped into the captain, an hilarious ' should have been a comedian' Greek chap with a good line in gags re most of the officers, including the money guy saving the ship from bankruptcy - heavy reference to their own country and the parlous state of the Greek economy ! The whole officer gang were shopping for food and sundries, so we did briefly ask who was actually in charge on board - a wave of a Greek hand said ' No problem, no problem, someone always there' ! Hmmmmm.......

The formal dinner last night proved a bit of a disaster for moi, as I slightly over indulged with small amounts of totally forbidden food, and the numbers would have reached the top of the Empire State Building two hours after dinner !

Am on a mission to behave during this evening's five course repast !


The following duty we docked in the utterly delightful village of Flam. Walking from ship to shop in about 10 easy steps we enjoyed a brief stroll to a beautiful hotel and sat with coffee and wifi which was 97mbps - how can that be ? Mountains surrounding us so sheer and high the snow was as thick as an Arctic winter, yet the speed was as swift as a gazelle on illegal sports drugs ! We indulged in an hour of quiet pleasure on iPads all the while gazing at the view. It's a tough job but someone has to do it !

We had decided to take the Flam Railway which is one of the world's most beautiful journeys rising to 836m above sea level, and magically in the 45 minute ride to Myrdal - the peak of the journey - we went from a burgeoning spring with blooming daffodils and green buds on trees into the depths of an Alaskan winter with snow of around 5 feet high and where the outer doors of the houses at the top of the mountain had been dug out so the inhabitants could actually get out of their houses ! A lady was collecting children on a 'school run' by riding on a large snow mobile...........utterly astonishing and quite sparklingly beautiful.

On the journey down we were equally struck dumb by the drive into another season and boarded the ship in spring ! If you ever find yourself in this part of the world take the train and be transported into another world !

A visit to Bergen completed the holiday and allowed for a bit of present buying, some more good coffee and a bit of a relaxing amble in a larger town.

We got home in very good time from Dundee after an easy disembarkation and I certainly felt refreshed and ready for the new term !

Enjoy the pictures.......





A bit of buffet fun ! What clever chefs.......


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