Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Youth and Love in a Song Cocktail !

The second week of Song School was a totally different affair. Bulging at the seams with bouncing and excited teens and twenties plus the warm and steadying influence of K who provided emotional ballast to the five days. It was a tour de force of noise, raw emotion and wonderful voices. The repertoire was quite different, and all of the pieces were very well chosen for the youthful instruments, enough to stretch but never enough to tip over into harm.

We had two young men who were a delightful addition to the vocal mix, and a godsend for using as 'lovers', 'fathers' or sundry 'baddies' ! This addition of a character, I have always found to be essential if one is to fully achieve the focus required to commit to the aria or song. The young singers responded brilliantly and we were awash with classic and unforgettable moments.

Z gave an astonishing performance of the Korngold Liebesbrief, and A had a wonderfully liberating session with her Verdi Ave Maria. N was magnificent and so brave with her first outing of Bach's Erbarme Dich and B had us in fits with Papageno's second aria, resplendent in woolly hat and blanket feathers. S sang the Ugly Duckling on Light Song Day which grew from kids song to full blown and heartfelt scene taking the art of school bullying to levels which many found hard to bear, whilst E was thrilling with her Novello Love is my reason for Living, she simply shone. H gave a wonderfully dramatic and vocally mature performance of Dido's Lament, with Z as her heart broken Belinda. H sang her Faure with such depth of emotion it brought a true hush to the room, and K was like a wonderfully mature and sensitive therapist with her Ah Chloris, quite apart from singing it beautifully. I was almost jealous to be the outside facilitator rather than the willing participant. E sang a passionate The Enemy Said by Handel, with more heroism than I had seen from him in the whole time I have taught him.

These few and fleeting comments can never sum up the week of wonderful moments which happened multiple times a day, and kept us transfixed. Participants and observers alike had a spiritually uplifting five days, and the bond between them was akin to emotional superglue.

I think they will keep in touch with each other - Skye, Music and a bit of magic worked its charm once again.

The whole gang.....
Playing with the props table !

Fish and chips in Broadford - outside in March !!!!


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  1. Song School, week 2:
    What a week!! Filled with inspirational teaching from the maestra herself; glorious young voices and personalities to match; a welcome from Ann and her Paradise "team" that warmed us throughout the week.
    For myself, it was a week of the finest teaching practice and complete musical and spiritual fulfillment. Thank you, Ann. Can't wait for next year!!