Friday, 3 June 2016

A book on Singing Technique - Ann and Middy style !

Some of my readers may remember that when I was in Durham I was asked if I had written a short book on simple singing technique for general use. I have thought a good deal about it - I don't have much staying power when it comes to writing, hence the fact that I am suited to the 'blog' style of short sharp posts. I have, however decided to give it a go. 

I sat at my new computer during the week and tried to remember what was said by those ladies who made the suggestion. They said, just write what you told us in the hour lecture. That seems so very straightforward when put in words of one syllable, and I did think that perhaps if I were to follow the shape and logistics of a general singing lesson that might also work ?

The first page was easy, a bit about me, about what I do, and how I have arrived at what I know. All done and dusted I thought - this is not complicated. Ha Ha !

Chapter 2 had to begin the business of teaching, and that was when the idea of a lesson scenario seemed the best plan. What do I do first with my new pupil who timidly walks through the door for the first time. Well it seemed to work, and what actually got into black and white seemed to say what I wanted it to say. Clear, concise and with a little bit of fun and banter - somehow if I had to choose my perfect recipe for any lesson it would be that sentence !

Now I need photos - seeing is a much better way to explain mouth shapes, and a photo can be the equivalent of the mirror on my wall. This week I will be asking some folk who always make beautiful mouth shapes for permission to let the world watch their talented lips at work.

I got quite excited actually ! Watch this space........word fatigue may however set in !

 Now there is an AW to be reckoned with ! Well done N !

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