Wednesday, 1 June 2016

A new ATCL carrier !

Last week I inadvertently forgot to write up a big congratulations to E ! My young Dutch tenor gained a distinction in his ATCL, and believe me, this is no mean feat. He is an extraordinarily hard worker, and has persevered enormously with the sizeable music set for this diploma exam. He sang a very varied and tricky programme including some bright and moving Handel, a most difficult Frohe Hirten from Bach's Christmas Oratorio and Dalla sua Pace from Giovanni by Mozart - these being his 'big guns' at the beginning of the recital !

His German is so good that after the aforesaid arias he must have delighted the examiner with some gems, including the gorgeous Ganymed by Schubert and Zueignung by Strauss. He has such an affinity with Lieder - he seems to simply understand the intimacy and the refinement, and he also seems to like the simplicity in the clear cut duo or team work - just himself and the accompanist.

He is a pleasure to teach, and much deserves the high mark which he received. So we see a young man with letters after his name !

A fine achievement indeed E.

 A happy and smiling tenor ! Very well done !

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