Monday, 14 November 2016

The importance of regular lessons.......

Another week begins, and I am looking forward to working at all the new repertoire which I had given out before I went to Arundel ! I am interested to see my ladies who have kindly opted for lessons every other week. It is more tricky to keep the momentum going if I am not giving them a bit of a vocal kick each week ! When one is a professional one fits lessons in when and as one can, sometimes that might mean a six week gap or more,  however if one is paying the mortgage with the singing, it is of major importance that technique is constantly kept up to scratch ! I remember hearing Peter Pears saying that he still went to a singing teacher well into his 70's saying, quite rightly, that it was vital to always have another 'pair of ears' !

In my early singing life I had weekly lessons, and sometimes more if needed, with the redoubtable Betty Middleton, and as I had a large voice it was very important for me to keep control over the sound I made, and how I made it ! I was often told off by that great lady for a) singing too loud, b) laughing too loud or c) talking too much ! It was the story of my life - I was clearly a loud and bouncy character. Middy taught me to control all of that both vocally and personally. I think she taught me to look after my voice, and to moderate my approach to life, so by the time I moved on to Marjorie Thomas I had a great deal more discipline in all respects, thus that lady could finely hone whatever vocal talent I possessed.

My youngsters really do go backwards if they have time off through illness or holidays, but along with that small loss comes the excitement of natural development, muscle growth and general physical and voice changes. The ladies have completed their physical growth and the changes can only be technical, so I will monitor carefully if they are still making progress, and still feeling the drive and the excitement of their songs and arias - two or three weeks is a long time if something is difficult or proving a bit dismal !!!

I will update at the end of the day by which time a couple will be back after a break !

A great photo, but not quite my teaching method !!


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