Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Update !

Well I was proved completely wrong ! My ladies were excited, delighted and enthusiastic about both their repertoire and their practise - they had learnt with their usual magnificent energy and dedication ! I was so pleased that the lessening of weekly imput had not hindered in any way whatsoever ! 

It was a joy to teach them - as usual!

The youngsters, esp young J, had learnt the first section of The Little Sweep beautifully. I am blown away by the sheer enthusiasm of these teens, and J, who is naturally quite shy and reserved was sparkling and totally sure of her role, she is playing Sophie the 12 year old sister. She even spoke her dialogue with gusto and drama. Later A had her lesson, she whose voice has plummeted like a stone in a lake, is playing Miss Baggot and held her own in the trios and quartet against both my version of the male Sweep roles or an octave down rendition of Rowan's line in those ensembles. She worked so hard and was quite red faced with effort and concentration by the end of her lesson ! 

It is going to be a cracker of a show, and well done ladies for making my week !



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