Monday, 8 July 2013

All systems go!

Success ! The long rehearsal came and went very well indeed. I feel as if we confirmed much of the blocking, and the elements which we have not touched for a number of weeks were extremely well remembered. I don't think I lost my temper at all....although you may have to question the cast on that front - and I don't think torture will be necessary, they are a pretty 'vocal' and honest group !

I was especially pleased with the girls entrance. We have not rehearsed Climbing over Rocky Mountains for weeks, and they were great. Perhaps the set piece has had time to settle into the memory and their feet are almost on automatic pilot. The pirates were snappy and crisp, only the tricky changes at the end of the finale needed much repetition. Once folk know the way they are heading on the stage, they can scatter to different set pieces easily - the problem is knowing exactly when to start moving, and it is invariably earlier than one thinks !

I am now sitting in Inverness Airport cafe waiting for my daughter S, who is coming for a few days, long planned, to help me finally sort through the last of my parent's belongings and papers. I am surprised how fragile I feel about this, but the Major General A, tells me it is always painful, even with distance and time between their passing.

It has still come as a surprise. I am glad she is here to help, I think I was unaware how much I needed a little support in the final goodbye.

I feel sure having the energy and bubble of the rehearsals will pull me out of a slight malaise.

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