Friday, 11 July 2014

Modern Technology and I'm a little baffled !

The modern way to rehearse !


The rehearsals are going well, the usual hiccups and over and over 'againing', to get the feet and voice in harmony, but it is looking good, as yet though, a little ragged around the edges ! We need an injection of adrenalin now to give the whole show a lift - perhaps even a little dose of fear, just to keep everyone on their toes, literally !

The dialogue is slowly morphing into conversation, although one can never say that Gilbert and Sullivan language makes for easy chatting, it is complex and of its own witty and intellectual Victorian world, rather in the way Shakespeare is of its own Elizabethan world ! We are rehearsing all the dialogue today, and no more singing at all until Sunday. Our troopers have been working so hard through a punishing regime of rehearsals that I have put three of them on voice rest for 48 hours ! I hope they obey, we cannot do with any sized crisis at this juncture !

Our Yum Yum does not arrive until late Saturday night, but I am told that she, Nanki Poo and KoKo have been rehearsing via Skype during the week ! Tom, our KoKo, also uploaded all the girl's choreography to a private Youtube account - it's baffled I am ......- and she has watched and put herself through the moves aka a Jane Fonda Workout video ! Both Rhona and Sara tell me this is a common way for folk to do what in the olden days we called , 'pick up' rehearsals ! How times have changed.

If it works however, I'm all for it, just a teeny bit glad that it is not part of my world these days !


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