Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Mikado Countdown...........

1930's NYC Hotel ( ps I've stayed there)

Just to get us into the mood of the period.....


I am sitting having a coffee in the Royal Highland Hotel right next door to the station in Inverness. The train is running about 90 minutes late, so bringing our superb pianist Julia back to the rehearsal at the expected leisurely pace seems to be fading into the distance ! However, it is wonderful to have her for a few extra days, which means the mad 24 hour run up to the first night will not be so rushed this year.

It is an enormous privilege to have a complete expert at the keyboard, and it means that quite apart from the fact that I can look at the show head on, so to speak, the cast will also hear ALL the notes, instead of a busked few chords ! This, of course changes things a little, and the principals are surrounded by sound both above and below what they are singing !

We have had two crackingly good rehearsals over the last couple of days, and really all that now needs doing is the tidying, slicking up and some yelling on my part ! BUT, not nearly as much yelling as usual. It is a miracle known only in the performing world, that faced with a crisis we perform more tightly with more intensity and with even more sparkle. It must be the 'inner diva' which lurks deep in even the most timid of hoofers and board treaders !

Which ever of our leading ladies had been taking centre stage I know that it will be a wonderful show. The sound is magnificent ( when you all know the words!), and the choreography is super, and the principals are excelling themselves !

The countdown begins...............


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